Urban Fisherman Society is a wildlife conservation organization that consist of recreational fishermen to tournament level pro's, and every skill level in between.  What makes our club special and unique is that not only are we a group of guys that enjoy the great outdoors, but we want to insure that future generations will have an opportunity to experience a pastime that is as old as man itself.  We are promoters of catch and release, otherwise we use what we catch.  We are shepard's of the lands and waterways we frequent so it is our duty to preserve its beauty. Our members not only practice preservation of our favorite fishing holes, but we also teach others how to appreciate the natural environments in our communities.  Through organizations such as the Texas Parks and Wildlife, we've dedicated countless volunteer hours to local parks for grounds keeping activities and we are always willing to invest in new programs that promote healthy aquatic ecosystems.  

UFS started as a means of networking and to fellowship with other fishermen that enjoy being outdoors as much as founder Brian Mitchell.  Although there are many ways that growing communities may place stress on the local wildlife and aquatic environments, Brian chose to focus his energy on the things he was not only able to control, but that would also provide maximum benefits to suffering ecosystems.  Fortunately, he was not alone with his efforts, as others offered to share the burden.  But it has not always been hard work and cleaning up after others.  Urban Fisherman Society members have also established a sports fishing community that raises money towards wildlife conservation and preservation for our local lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.  Through our mentor program, we educate our youth that often do not have the ability to take part in recreational fishing.  When we are not fishing, we work to engage our youth in important training activities to prepare them for adulthood.  Like the old saying goes, "You give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life."


We will love for you to become involved with Urban Fisherman Society, weather its by volunteering your time or making a monetary donation to support a worthy cause.  You may even become a member of our organization where you will find a community of great fishing and business professionals always willing to share a laugh or two over stories of their biggest catch.  If this sounds like an opportunity you have interest in, then please contact us to start your adventures.